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Khulna Zila School known as Khulna High School during the initial stage, is one of the oldest school of Khulna. There is a controversy about the date of the foundation of the school. Most believe that it established in 1873. Saturam Mazumdar built a pucca building for the school. Sharada Charan Mitra, was its first Headmaster. On the recommendation of the Hunter Commission Report of 1883, the British Government of India took over the control and management of the school in April 1885. A new red brick building was constructed at that time and the school was renamed as Khulna Zila School. The building has a commemorative plaque of the first Headmaster Saturam Mazumdar in the main building of the school complex. It was renovated in 1995 keeping the main structure intact.

At Present, there are 3000 students in this school studying in two shifts. There are 53 teachers and 6 supporting staffs in the school. Its century-old library has a rare collection of books. A managing committee headed by the Deputy Commissioner runs the school.

The School complex comprises of 9 buildings, 2 students’ hostels, 1 administrative building, 6 laboratories, a teachers’ common room, an auditorium, a mosque, and a playground. The results of the school is highly satisfactory in the SSC examinations under Jessore Board, the school secured the top position for six consecutive times. In 2009, 100% students came out successful in the SSC examination.

What is school friend...?

বন্ধুর ব্যাগ দিয়ে বেঞ্চ মুছা

বেস্ট ফ্রেন্ডের জন্য পাশে সিট রাখা

প্রত্যেকের আলাদা নাম দেওয়

লাস্ট বেঞ্চ এ বসে আড্ডা দেওয়া

টিফিন পিরিয়ডে সবার টিফিনে ভাগ বসানো

আজ থেকে তোরা দুই বেঞ্চে বসবি – এই কথাটি শোনার সৌভাগ্য

টিফিনের পরের পিরিয়ডে স্কুল পালানো

পিরিয়ড এর ফাকে কলম খেলা

বারান্দায় স্যার দেরী করে আসলে চারা দিয়ে ফুটবল খেলা

WE are
Batch 1999

The last rockers of the millennium

We are the last batch of millennium of Khulna Zilla School. We are the naughtiest of our time. We are the most interestingly connected with each other. We have been united since our school time. The one person who initiated our togetherness is Rezwan walid Antu. We, the 90’s kid had the most amazing childhood in our school as there was no facebook and instagram and to meet each other, we had to meet personally, not messenger or whatsapp or viber. We used to cycling for unknown place, skipping classes for smoking and video game, watched unethical movies in “Jhnuk Cinema” and many many more stuff.




Projects that are coming next

A project for members profiles development where other members can easily find each other. We all are involved in various kinds of professions. But sometimes we need support from each other. In order to build a corporate syndicate in our own arena, we need to build our own profile page development.

Payment gateway is very essential nowadays. Because we are all busy with our lives and many times we find it hard to go to the bank or some other places to contribute for various occasions for kzs99 event. In order to save time we are initiating payment gateway in our website to make ease financial transaction for our honorable members

In order to execute any event or other programs, we must have sufficient funds of our own. To achieve that we are going to initiate fundraising policy through this website.

To perform and initiate any program it is essential to develop the most effective team and as well as organizing it. By integrating with state of the art software and team management technology on the website, we can further control and organise best event activation for any event.

The detail for business M.O.U will be disclosed further during the launch of this segment. This is a commercial section for internal business and other related stuff.

Member verification is a complicated issue for some sophisticated matter. In order to give support financial and parental crysis for our member, we will initiate member request verification through various processes. Detail will come soon

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